Next year i will start on the cosplay scene, hopefully doing Kirito from sword art online. It would be nice if i could find a female partner, so i can go with someone cosplaying Asuna, that would be awesome.!/drew.hambleton.9 MY FB profile

New Licensing round-up.

Manga Entertainment MCM Expo Birmingham licensing round-up

Madoka Magica, The World God Only Knows and much more 

Manga Entertainment MCM Expo Birmingham licensing round-up

As promised, today’s MCM Birmingham Expo brought with it a special audience for those present with Jerome Mazandarani, the head honcho of Manga Entertainment, with a view towards wowing those gathered with a cornucopia of new license announcements.  Thus, let’s waste no time in getting down to business and rounding up those brand new licenses in full.

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Fighter Tournament coming up this March!


In Manchester on March 31st? Come meet us @ Kyoto Lounge from around 1:30pm onwards.


Meet @ Pic station starbucks, head on down to Kyoto, play games, have fun.

Game List:

First up - KOFVIIII

Second up -Soul Calibur V

Third up - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

No prizes yet, just testing the system.

@Kyoto Lounge. 31/3/2012

Glittery Crotch Is Not Already Dead. Somebody Purchased It

Fist of the North Star's Kenshiro got a life-sized statue last fall. It was covered in 500,000 Swarovski crystals, apparently worth ¥10,000,000 or $130,000.

For those not familiar with Fist of the North Starwatch this. It’s badass.

The figure was put on the Yahoo! Auction block, with the winning bid hitting ¥3 million yen or US$39,000. A steal!

A forty-something self-employed man from Shizuoka won the auction. He and his entire family are big Fist of the North Starfans, and he said he’s planning on making this a family heirloom. Make that, a six-foot tall family heirloom with a glittery crotch.

A portion of the winning bid will go to victims of the Japanese earthquake. As nice as that is, this publicity stunt sounds like it was a money loss after you factor in the value of the crystals. Might’ve been better if Swarovski simply sold those individually and then gave a cut to charity

クリスタル50万個の等身大ケンシロウ300万円で落札 [Mantan Web]

Cinemalord #1 - Music, Film and Fancy Dress: Hobo with a Shotgun


Cinemalord - Music, Film and Fancy Dress: Hobo with a Shotgun

…and here it is. We’d thought we’d experiment with something a bit different this time - films! with the music and games themed around what you’d chosen. 

With the lion’s share of the vote comes Hobo with a Shotgun: a moving tale of how one man brings peace to a troubled town….


We’ll start showing the film at half nine on all the screens at Kyoto and there’ll be dubstep, dnb and anything remotely hobo/shotgun related playing before and after. All the games will be free as normal - let us know what games you think should be on..

We’re encouraging fancy dress to the tune of a 40 pound bar tab so brock out your thimbles and get creative:)

Full dj lineup next few days - contact me if you’d like to play…:)


Blood Boy
DJ Rutger Hauer


Free games of your choice after the film - there’s a massive selection at the venue…Hobo game adaptation

BRS streaming.

On Feb. 3, anime Black Rock Shooter will be streaming on Nico Nico Douga subtitled in eight languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese) FOR FREE.


Gundam Is Getting a Japanese Theme Park

On April 19, a new theme park dedicated to Mobile Suit Gundam is opening in Japan called “Gundam Front”.

The small theme park will offer exhibits that allow visitors to experience the famed mecha.

Located at a shopping mall in Tokyo’s Odaiba, near the site of the giant Gundam, Gundam Front takes of 2,050 square meters of floor space. There are free exhibits as well as ones requiring an entrance fee.

In that area, visitors can watch a film about the giant Gundam and peruse various Gundam artifacts. Tickets cost ¥1,000 (US$13) for adults and ¥800 ($10) for kids. The free area includes a Gundam model display and a Gundam shop.

I have three words for this theme park—About. Effing. Time.

Gundam SEED Battle Destiny coming to Vita

Archangel taking flight this spring 

Gundam SEED Battle Destiny coming to Vita 

Thank Sony for not region locking the Vita, because this Spring ArtDink, the creators of the original Gundam Battle series, are releasing Gundam SEED Battle Destiny on the PS Vita.

Featuring the gorgeous renders of every SEED unit, the game contains the usual Battle series tropes - an arcade Gundam Vs mode, training and, most importantly, Campaign mode, which allows you to work your way up the Gundam hierarchy by unlocking new units and tinkering with those al important stats.

While keeping the game limited to the SEED universe may upset a few fans, SEED has managed to throw out some amazing games in the past, with the PSP/PS2 Rengou vs ZAFT series being a particular favourite with our Ed, Ross. 

Given that Battle Universe will also incorporate SEED Destiny, Stargazer and Astray, it should prove to be a varied and exciting roster, especially if they keep Lunamaria Hawke as awesome as she was in the recent Gundam vs Extreme on PS3.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, as the PSP was home to some of the best mech fighting games on any system, including Macross Frontier and Another Century’s Episode.

Check out for more screenshots.


Gonna start posting news that should be of interest :3.



MIYUKI KIYOMIZU one character i have created, i’m quite pleased by it actually, she is a close childhood friend of Atoshi Endo, i’ll create him soon, i have background stories to work on for them, but will put them up when i’m done